About Us

As the mother of six daughters, preparing for a wedding was very much a “Do It Yourself” kind of event.  We sewed...glued....and built some pretty interesting decor.  Each daughter’s wedding was bigger and better than the last. Daughter  #6  had some pretty amazing decor.  Soon friends began  “borrowing” my decor for their weddings.  After several months of this I said, “ hmmmm, I  am going to buy more stuff and start a business!”  So I bought more stuff.. took several courses to become certified, partnered with daughter #2 and the rest is history.


Co-founder and Lead Planner

Melissa BarrieMelissa has been married for over 20 years and is the mother of 3 active boys. Her love for style, trends and design began as a teenager setting up visual displays for the Hudson Bay Company. It was love at first set up. She loves travel, culture, language and adventure and has traveled many parts of the world and lived abroad. After listening to friends talk about how they wish their weddings had been different she knew she could excel at helping couples like them. Her planning style involves incorporating as many lifetime memorable moments as possible and she creates her timelines around these trademark moments. Melissa has been certified thru WPICC, DWC, IWED, LWPI, Wedding MBA and countless other conferences and workshops.  She is committed to lifelong learning and skill development which will help keep her at the cutting edge of destination wedding planning and design. She has excelled at courses in Luxe Master Designing, Event Florals and Custom Dance Floor Wrapping.


Co-founder and Lead Designer

Linda PayneLinda has been married for over 47 years and is the mother of 8 successful adult children. You’ll have to ask her how these two facts led her to this industry. It’s an incredible story. Over the years she has worked with almost every vendor and venue in Victoria, BC. Her reputation for quality work and exceptional customer service precedes her. Linda has the ability to quickly catch a bride’s vision and bring that vision to life, exactly as dreamed and within budget. She loves people and nothing makes her happier than to see the tears on the bride’s face as she experiences her dreams first -hand. Linda has been certified thru WPICC, DWC, IWED, Wedding MBA and countless other conferences and workshops. She has her  Luxe Master Designer Designation, Event Florist qualification and Ballon Design Course to name a few.  Each wedding is a new adventure filled with friendship, custom design and authentic elements.