You’re Engaged - Now What?

You’re Engaged - Now What?

Congrats, the question was popped and you agreed to a happily ever after with your best friend. Excitement lasts a while as you celebrate your love with your close friends and family. As your high settles, the thought of planning your special day finally sinks in. You think to yourself, “where do I begin?” Designer Weddings Inc. suggests that to make planning less stressful, it is a good idea to discuss what would make your big day special.



It may not be the first thing you think of, but scheduling an engagement shoot is something you are sure to appreciate. Engagement sessions allow you to capture your love in real time giving you the chance to show off your affection and sparkly new engagement ring! Another perk is that you are able to test out a wedding photographer. Take this opportunity to find out if your personalities really compliment each other



Choosing the theme for your wedding can either be a difficult task,  if  you and your partner aren’t on the same page. First things first, come to an agreement on what time of year you’d both like to get married and decide how many guests you’d like to attend. These two particulars can really help narrow down the decision making.  Did you know that certain venues only allow for a specific amount of people?



Not sure where to begin? Consider hiring a wedding planner such as one from Designer Weddings Victoria to help design your special day. Wedding planners can be very beneficial as they have a way of making both the bride and groom happy by incorporating their must haves into their big day. The amount of stress they take off your shoulders isn’t too bad either!  They can help you choose a venue that is perfect for your theme. 


Once you’ve gotten your venue locked down, it is time for the details– decor! Once again Designer Weddings can help you develop your theme with amazing results.  Choose from the literally thousands of items they have in stock.  Check out pinterest to get a feel for the look you really love, then visit the decorator to incorporate that theme and turn it into something that is uniquely you. Even if you love to DIY the advice of a decorator can be invaluable.  She can tell you how to get the look you want for a price within your budget.  It just makes so much sense to rent as many of the items as you can.



Your entertainment sets the mood for the entire night and gets the party started.  In fact, you may already have a favorite band or DJ.  Or maybe you plan to have your wedding coordinator handle it all for you. Depending on which route you take, there are some aspects to consider. For example, what type of music do you want played. If you might want a bunch of different genres, then a DJ may be your best bet. However, if hiring a DJ, it is important to consider the DJ’s personality once you meet with them. Their personality will affect the room’s mood. Some DJ’s are great at getting guests up and dancing, while others can be more reserved and would be more suitable for a relaxed wedding. 



You may be wondering, “How can we balance pleasing our guests while catering to our own tastes as well?” First off, it is important to note that your menu should reflect your tastes and preferences, but not solely revolve around them. For example, if you are a vegetarian, don’t refuse to offer meat or fish as an option. After all, the food and drink you offer at your wedding is more or less a way of thanking your guests for being with you to celebrate your special day. So offering open bar and different options is a great way to please everyone’s palettes!

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