Wedding Trends: What to Expect in 2019

Wedding Trends: What to Expect in 2019

Wedding Trends are always evolving and new trends begin to appear. Designer Weddings says that in 2019 we will be seeing a lot of fresh  innovative ideas.  Here are some things to look out for in 2019 wedding trends!


In addition to the popular choice to say your vows in a church, couples are  saying “I do” in venues such as museums and other unique places.. These venue selections with be making a statement well into the new year. Not only do museums offer a romantic atmosphere with their different lighting and quieter crowds, but they can come with built in decor as well! Not to mention, they certainly have the space to accommodate a larger guest list.  When determining your ceremony location think outside the box. Anything goes these days!


Why not get married on a day other than Saturday?  These days pretty much any day works.  If you choose to get married during peak wedding season then the chance of Saturday availability can be slim to none. So shifting your focus to a Friday, Sunday or even a Tuesday can really open up your options. There is a good chance your dream venue  will be available.  Getting married on a day other than Saturday will almost always save you money.  Popular vendors have a better chance of being available if your wedding is during the week.


Get ready for some bold fashion statements in the new year. In 2019 we will see big bows, statement lapels and burgundy suits.  We will also see lots of mixed jewels for detail! Brides will be dressed to the nines in ruffles, glittering tiaras, and regal styles giving them a feeling of royalty.

Brides will also be rocking different gemstones and metals in their jewelry. Why not mix metals on both your wedding band and engagement ring? Mixing metals can provide a unique and beautiful contrast between the two! Online jewellers, such as Blue Nile are beginning to offer a ton of mixed metal wedding ring options that are sure to stand the test of time. This trend is something that will be around for quite some time.

As far as the grooms go,  the three-piece suit is coming back in style sharper than ever. An impeccably tailored and flawlessly fitted style will be a showstopper.  Suits will make bold statements in bright hues like purple, burgundy and ink blue. Slim fit style from top to bottom will be on trend well into the new year. The slim style emphasizes the chest and shoulders, presenting a masculine, athletic silhouette all the way through.


Designer Weddings Inc. is the expert in decor. Often brides have an idea of what they want but they just don’t know how to put it all together.  This is where a decorator comes in extremely handy. They know the trends and can help make your ideas fresh and new instead of  carbon copies of someone else.

While we are still seeing a few of the ever popular “burlap weddings” more and more greenery is replacing the burlap and turning the venue into a virtual garden..  Flowers are timeless, there is no denying that…but often they are expensive. A very popular alternative to flowers is greenery and lots of it. However, if you do decide to have some flowers Dahlias will be the ultimate focal flower for any arrangement. Their wide color variety and sophisticated layers make them perfect for centerpieces, accents or within bridal bouquets.

However you decide to style your wedding, hiring a wedding planner or a decorator who is familiar with the upcoming trends can help you during your planning process.  They can  make it that much easier to make your dreams come true.

If you are still feeling a little over-whelmed and need something to get you started Wedding Wire has a really great wedding planning tool.  Please check out this link

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