Micro Weddings – Is Less Really More??

Micro Weddings – Is Less Really More??

During this age of Covid when large gatherings have been banned many wedding vendors have been promoting something called “micro-weddings”. What is a micro-wedding?  Covid would have you believe it is a tiny wedding ceremony with 10 people or less, forced upon you by circumstance. Definitely against your will.  It is distasteful…like a bad medicine that must be swallowed in order to “fix” the problem.  You didn’t chose it, nor do would you wish it on your worst enemy.  It is a poor substitute for the dreams of your lifetime. In other words “micro wedding” is a less desirable alternative to your dream wedding


Designer Weddings Inc. says…”ENOUGH!!!!”  Time to STOP the “Pity Party”.  We have a completely different definition for micro weddings in mind.  In a way it is a lot like eating escargot. Yes, escargot. The thought of what escargot actually is can be very disturbing (to say the least). However, if prepared carefully, with just the right spices it has become an expensive French delicacy. In fact, escargot has a lot of good qualities. It is virtually fat-free, carbohydrate-free and sugar-free, escargot are an excellent source of lean protein. They’re rich in iron, magnesium, selenium, phosphorus and potassium and help the brain produce serotonin.  Super awesome.

So let’s delve into our definition of a  “Micro-wedding” and see what qualities we can find that will turn them into a delicious, spicy, lip-smacking delicacy.


COST EFFECTIVE – there is no denying it.  A wedding for 10 people is significantly cheaper than a wedding for 100 or 150 people.  Smaller venue (if you even use a venue), less food, less décor, less money spent on invitations and the list goes on.  I know of several couples who chose (without being forced) to have a more intimate wedding then took the money they saved and bought a house.  This means that even people on a budget can afford the wedding of their dreams.  In fact, Designer Weddings has a special “Simple Ceremony Plus” Package that is a complete intimate wedding Package.

CREATIVE VENUES:  It doesn’t make sense to rent a large venue for only a few people.  This opens up a wide range of exciting venue ideas and most of them free.  You could have your dream wedding on the beach, in the forest, at a B&B, in your backyard, at your “favorite spot”, take a helicopter to the highest mountain, or dive under water, rent a small yacht ..practically anywhere you can think of or that is important to you.  Make the location something meaningful and memorable.  Have an Adventure Wedding.


INTIMATE AFFAIRS: Now you have the opportunity to invite ONLY those people who mean the most to you in the world. You don’t have to invite “all your work friends because they would be hurt if they didn’t get an invite”.  You also don’t have to invite your great aunt Harriett that you only met once.  Make every guest count.  They are there because they mean something important to you and they know it. You can give them the individual attention you have always wanted and thank them personally for being such a huge part of your life. In a small group everyone can feel the “LOVE”

STRESS FREE:  There is still some planning to do but everything is a lot less stressful and easier to manage when dealing with fewer people.  You may still want to hire a Wedding Planner in some capacity to inspire you with the “little touches” that will just put the icing on the cake.  She may also be able to tell you of wedding vendors who specialize in more intimate weddings – like Designer Weddings Inc.

FLEXIBLE TIME FRAMES:  With fewer people you don’t have to stick to everyone else’s time frame.  If you are a morning person, have your wedding first thing in the morning and serve breakfast, if you are a night owl, have your wedding at the stroke of midnight and then figure out which day you want to celebrate your anniversary.  Maybe both days.  It’s easy.  It’s you, it’s whatever you want.  There are no traditions here.


PHOTOGRAPHER:  Just because your wedding is more intimate doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the pictures.  Book your photographer for 4 hours (which is half the normal hours booked) and get all the awesome professional pictures you like.  Money can still be saved.

LITTLE TOUCHES:  here is where you can really shine. I would call it the “garlic” on the escargot.  With fewer guests you can really go all out with the added extras.  Tell your story with amazing décor at your ceremony.  Choose and decorate your ceremony archway in a way that really reflects you as a couple, use flowers freely (yes, ones from your garden) with lots of candles.  Create a table design that catches their eye as soon as your guests walk into the room or into the garden whichever the case may be.  Yes…eat outside.  Make it formal or make it a picnic. Either is awesome.

MEMORIES:  Let’s face it, at the end of the day all that will be left is a lifetime of memories. With an Intimate Affair (since writing this article I refuse to call them Micro Weddings but Intimate Affairs) you can create as many and probably more memorable moments than you can with a large traditional wedding. 

Designer Weddings hopes you agree that in this case “LESS REALLY IS MORE”.  Take the opportunity to experience your very own brand of “Escargot” and see if it isn’t the best thing you have ever done….BECAUSE YOU WANT TO.

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