Fun Wedding Ideas

Fun Wedding Ideas

Fun Wedding Ideas – that is the topic for our March blog.  Designer Weddings Inc. says that if you are planning a summer wedding by March you should have your “foundation” wedding plans well under way.  You said “Yes” to the dress, and so did your bridesmaids (some virtually) and things like the venue, the plannerthe decorator, the caterer, the photographer and the florist have all been booked and now is the time for the real fun to begin.  It doesn’t matter how many guests you are expecting or what you thought your wedding might be like a year ago because now is the time to take your wedding to the next level.  Let it really pop and make it memorable and the most fun anyone ever had with our list of fun wedding ideas.


Now that wedding numbers have been reduced, we can expand our horizons.  Let’s face it…fewer guests, means more flexibility and a little more money to do it with.  Why limit yourself to the traditional?  This year is anything BUT traditional and your wedding needs to reflect that.  In a way it is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole.  Old traditions just won’t fit in our new “Wedding Normal”.  Be the first to actually say, ”This, is the wedding we planned all along”. Get creative and do something different.  Designer Weddings loves Pop Up Weddings where there are no limits to what you can think up. Here a few great ideas to get you started.


BRUNCH – Typically weddings are held around 3:00 followed by pictures and a final reception starting at 5:30. If, you are a morning person, have your wedding in the morning followed by a delicious brunch complete with a waffle cake.

SUNSET – You could have the pictures, meal and fun all before sunset then exchange your vows at sunset with candles galore.  How romantic!!!  Even better exchange vows at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve…then guess the date and the year!


With fewer people you aren’t as restricted for the venue location.  There are a lot of public outdoor places (for free) where you could hold a small ceremony and for a small fee they can even be private.  There are a million places you could go if you just think outside the box….

  • Take a boat to a small island just off the coast, or in the middle of a nearby river and exchange vows there. 
  • Rent a small yacht or whale watching boat and have the entire event on the ocean as you cruise the city
  • Hike up to your favorite look out spot for the ceremony and some awesome pictures
  • Choose a beautiful spot in the forest – a clearing made just for you.  Keep it simple
  • Something that reflects your personality like an art museum, the hockey arena or a bowling alley.  Maybe even the planetarium.  What are your favorites?

Instead of just walking down the aisle do something memorable like arrive in a horse drawn carriage or on a motorcycle.  Dance down the aisle to a something choreographed and delight all your guests letting them know what is to come is going to be amazing!


Dress up your pet (I have even seen Alpaca’s on pinterest) in a cute outfit and have them as bridesmaids or groomsmen or even flower girls or ring bearers.  Be sure you choose a reliable “handler” to help Fido recognize his cues and be prepared for him to “steal the show”.


Why be boring…release some doves as your vows are being said or add a very special musical number performed by you! 

Hire a magician for the cocktail hour or have the photographer choreograph some crazy  imaginative group photos. Talk to the photographer in advance to see if he has any fun wedding ideas he would like to try.


 Invite all your friends to what they think is going to be a relaxed barbeque.  SURPRISE….it’s a wedding.  Serve whatever you like, drink whatever you like but know for sure it will be awesome.  This is very tricky to pull off so you have to be really good at keeping secrets.


Choose a theme and go all out.  Designer Weddings did a medieval wedding where EVERYONE dressed in medieval garb, the cake knife was a sword, and you guessed it they were married in the forest. The entertainment for the evening was a jousting contest.  It was amazing.  Some areas have special venues that cater to these ideas.

We also had a Disneyland Princess theme. Yes, the groom was very comfortable with his “man-self”.  He was Prince Charming; the bride Cinderella and the bridesmaids and groomsmen were all favorite princesses and princes.  The décor was a perfect Castle theme and so was the cake, but they had to be because it was held in a real castle.  The couple didn’t arrive in a pumpkin but in a white horse drawn carriage.  Does it get any better?


Hopefully I have given you enough ideas to get the fun started.  Be creative but be true to your style.  This wedding is about you in today’s world and in today’s world almost anything goes.

This day is all about making the most important commitment of your life….but why does it have to be somber and traditional?

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