Choosing Your Wedding Date

Choosing Your Wedding Date

Choosing your wedding date…that is the question and how do you go about doing it?  This week’s blog is a combination of my own personal experience coupled with insights from other wedding professionals.   Some of their information is specific to the US but the more part of it can be used by couples around the globe.   

“Choosing a wedding date is one of the first major decisions in the wedding planning process, and with 50 percent of all weddings in 2017 occurring on 25 dates, engaged couples feel the pressure to get it right,” said Andy Whittaker, Director of Market Insights, WeddingWire. “We understand there are numerous factors that go into selecting a date to say ‘I do’, with venue availability playing a major factor, so we wanted to educate couples about their options and arm them with useful information to help them choose a date and find a venue that works best for them.”

 Selecting a wedding date affects numerous pieces including what vendors are available to book, hotel and travel costs and availability, and whether friends and family are able to attend the big day–making the task a seemingly daunting one

According to Jaimie Schoen of Brides Magazine you should “resist the urge to choose a wedding date the second you get engaged. The two of you may know exactly when you want to walk down the aisle, but there are a number of factors at play. While your wedding is your special day, it’s also about bringing your nearest and dearest together.

A few things to think about when choosing your date:

  1. Think about your vision for your wedding…do you envision getting married with apple blossoms or snow flakes?
  2. You might want to consider a wedding “off season” when the venue of your choice might be less expensive and available
  3. Will your work or school schedule play a part in selecting the date?
  4. Are you thinking of an outdoor/indoor ceremony
  5. Give yourself plenty of time to plan

Start by talking to any of your VIPs (particularly your parents, and especially anyone who is contributing financially to your wedding). If you have an idea of what time of year you’d like to get married, have them send you a list of the weekends when they’re not available. Then, compile a calendar and black out the dates that won’t work, leaving you with a variety of options when the most important guests can be there.

Then, if you’re hiring a wedding planner, start making some calls. If you have a few dates in mind, your planner will be able to let you know if he or she is available, even if it’s not narrowed down to a single date quite yet.

Now it’s time to look at venues. Yes, you read that right: Look at venues BEFORE you’ve chosen a date. With a few dates in mind, you’ll actually have more options of venues to choose from, as some may be available for one or two dates while others might be available for a different weekend.  Also, in Victoria some venues have cheaper prices if you have your wedding on a Friday or a Sunday or even during the week.  Of course, this varies from venue to venue.  Some venues have beautiful tents available for ceremonies which are closed in the off season.

If you are not hiring a planner you can search the internet for possible venues. From their websites you can often get a good feel for what they have to offer like pricing, size and available wedding packages.  Narrow it down to your top 3 choices.  Send a quick email to their on-staff  Event Coordinator introducing yourself, your wedding ideas and your possible dates.  If they are available for your dates make an appointment to come for a site inspection.  Once you have found the perfect venue you can then settle on a date.

Next time we will talk more about  what you are actually looking for in a venue, photographer or any other wedding professional.  We call it “Vendor Selection”

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