Backyard Weddings – The Whole Year Round

Backyard Weddings – The Whole Year Round

Weddings come in different forms. Some weddings are traditional, and others come with unconventional vibrance. No matter the type of wedding, the desire to make it unique is universal. Garden or backyard weddings are a favorite choice for a good reason: versatility and accessability. Besides the fresh feel of the outdoors, it’s nice to know you have a space that you can easily transform to your liking according to the seasons and it is literally “right in your backyard”.  The sooner you start preparing for your backyard weddings the better, but give yourself at least 6 – 8 months.

No matter what season you choose there are a few standard items you might want to think about….

  • Yard Layout – Start first thing in the spring and decide what the main layout of the yard will be.  Replant or fertilize your grass, build additional flower beds and clear out old and dead brush. Prune the trees and flowers so they will be at their best for your backyard celebration.  Remember to water and fertilize diligently as the season progresses.  If you are handy you could design and build your own archway that could double as a grape arbour later.
  • Tent – Tents can be stunning decorated with lights and fabric but they can also take the stress out of wondering what to do if the weather is less than perfect. If you close the walls and turn on the heat you will find it is plenty warm and very cosy. Alternatively, you can provide an indoor area for more sensitive guests to cool off on the hot days or warm up on the cool days. 
  • Lighting– Another important factor in the outdoors is lighting.  Lighting is so very romantic.  A few Edison lights around the yard or across the deck (which can double as a dance floor) and the whole yard is changed.  Add some small floating lights to a water feature  for interest.  When the wedding is over you will be able to enjoy your new outdoor space for years to come.
  • In Season Blossoms – be sure to plan an abundance of flowers and shrubs that will be at their best during your wedding celebration.  Even your flowers will want to be dressed in their very best for your special day.

Designer Weddings will take a look at preparing the yard for your backyard wedding during each of the seasons of the year.

Preparing Your Backyard for a Summer Wedding

Summer is a season marked with long days, short nights, warm air, and sun-kissed skin. Summer brings memories of vacations, leisure, and a carefree vibe, making it a favorite among many brides. It is a time where warmth and color meet. Here are some tips to prepare your backyard for a summer wedding:


Bright sunny days may look beautiful in photos, but you’ll need sufficient shade for summer weddings. Whether it’s a whimsical gazebo, a natural, leafy canopy, or a tent it is wise to plan shaded areas for your guests.

Use Sturdy Summer Flowers for the Decor

Summer can be brutal on delicate flowers, which is why choosing sturdy flowers for your backyard decor along with planting the best rock gardens is advised. Hanging baskets or large pots placed strategically around the yard can bring the entire space to life. Some sturdy varieties include Chrysanthemums, Carnations, and Dahlias.

Include Fans and Hydration

Beat the heat of your summer backyard wedding by preparing a hydration station for your guests. You can also provide them with a handheld fan or parosol to keep them cool during the ceremony, which cleverly doubles as a wedding souvenir. For even more fun add a pond or fountain easily obtained from your local garden center.  The sounds of running water makes you feel cool and relaxed.

Preparing Your Backyard for a Fall Wedding

The whimsical colors of Fall give your Fall wedding an effortlessly dreamy look. It’s like getting your photos painted for free, with purple, orange, yellow, and red hues. Here are some tips to prepare your backyard for a Fall wedding.

Natural Light

Fall weddings are tricky since it can be a little cloudy, so to get that beautiful golden afternoon effect in your photos, find the best spots in your backyard with the most light and study the timings so you can plan the wedding accordingly. It is a good idea to test these areas the year before (if you have the time) as the sun is at different angles depending on the season.

Contrast the Natural Fall Foliage

Natural Fall foliage can be vibrant, like fallen leaves and trees changing color. You can easily contrast this natural color play by adjusting the wedding color palette and by going for subtle sophistication with your bouquets. In the spring plant your garden with an abundance of fall flowering plants like anemones and protea which are a unique contrast to an Autumn backdrop. Remember to keep them watered and fertilized through the summer months as directed.

Preparing Your Backyard for a Winter Wedding

Get the whole landscape as white as the bride’s gown in a winter wedding. It has all the ingredients that mimic fantasy tales, adding the uniqueness that every wedding deserves. The cozy atmosphere of winter also brings a sense of togetherness that many brides find appealing. Here are some tips to prepare your backyard for a winter wedding.

Provide a Heat Source

Whether you pitch a tent, provide coats/blankets for your guests, or have a nice bonfire it’s crucial to prepare a heat source for outdoor winter weddings.  Once again a tent with closed sides and heater will be delightful.  You can also provide reusable heating pads for your guests, which double as wedding souvenirs.

Creative Color Choices to Contrast the Snow

A white landscape is the perfect blank canvas for your gown, flowers, and other accessories. You can also arrange and paint the best garden rocks to get creative with your color play. Put together planters or raised beds that pop with color.

Dress Up Bare Trees

Depending on the region, you may not have that much snow and instead have bare trees and a dull withering landscape, but this is still an excellent space to put creativity into play. You can hang fairy lights or colorful balls in the trees to make make just the kind of statement you are hoping for.

Make Use of In-Season Blooms

Whether it’s decor or bridal bouquets, you can cut costs by choosing in-season winter blooms. These include pansies, heather, dogwood, cornflower or ornamental cabbage.

Preparing Your Backyard for a Spring Wedding

Nothing says new beginnings like spring. The color, vibe, and overall atmosphere is a cheerful way to celebrate any wedding. Here are some tips to prepare your backyard for a spring wedding.

Use Natural Spring Hues

The Spring season brings a feminine touch to weddings, making it the most desired wedding season. And since all the pretty colors are welcome during this time of year, your backyard gets more styling flexibility. However, when planning a spring wedding it is important to start in the fall of the year before to be sure you get your spring bulbs in the colors you want and the spring bushes ready for a grand display at just the right time.

Be Ready for the Weather

Yes, a spring shower. Prepare some shade or shelter from the elements in your backyard by using tents, gazebo or covered deck to prepare for any unexpected weather changes. You should also prepare for the heat by including some fans and the cool spring air by providing blankets or umbrellas which can double for heat or rain.

Use In-Season Flowers

You don’t want to miss the beautiful spring flowers at your wedding. Besides the savings, these in-season blooms are like icing on a cake: they’re the best spring accessories. Some in-season flowers include calla lilies, hydrangeas, ranunculus, and tulips.


One of the most beautiful things about Backyard Weddings is that they look beautiful no matter the time of year. With a little preparation and some creativity, a simple backyard can house the most precious memories of a couple’s lifetime.

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