8 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

8 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Day

Save money on your wedding! If you’re trying to save more money this new year, then kudos to you! If you’re also getting married this year, then double kudos to you! However, these two are often at odds with each other. Not spending a fortune on your wedding may seem impossible once you start tallying up the costs. That might be why one in three couples go over their wedding budget. If one thing’s been clear lately, it’s that price hikes don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. So, rather than falling victim to something beyond your control, take advantage of what you can! I’m talking about a few genius ways to save big on your wedding day without anyone even noticing.ner

Cut Back on the Guest List

VIPs only. Just kidding—but not entirely. While it’s normal to want to celebrate with every friend you’ve made since elementary school, it’s also extremely expensive. Just how much exactly? Well according to The Knot Real Weddings Study 2017, couples spent an average of $268 per guest. That’s up $74 per person since 2009. By cutting the guest list, you’ll be saving on catering and invitation costs, venue size, you name it.

Book a Venue During the Shoulder-Season

Want to save hundreds, or even thousands right from the get-go? Set your wedding date during the off or shoulder-season of the venue’s area. This is general during the late winter until the early spring. While the weather might not be as ideal, you might be able to book a larger or more extravagant venue for a steal!

But Avoid Saturdays

Saturdays are generally the most sought after day of the week to book a wedding. Because of that, you’ll face the most competition and may potentially lose out on your preferred venue. Avoid the hassle and book on any other day. You could even look into weekends that coincide with federal holidays to allow your guests extra time between going back to work.

Combine Celebrations

Make it easier on you and your guests by having your wedding ceremony and reception in the same location. Not only will you eliminate the need to commute to a new venue (and pay potential transportation costs), but you’ll find more affordable rates than if you booked two venues separately.

Consider Rescheduling

In a rush to tie the knot? You might want to reconsider. Couples spent an average of $25,764 on their wedding in 2017. Coming up with that much money in a short period of time can be difficult. Take charge of your finances and save every month seamlessly. There’s no shame in pushing back your wedding date if it sets you up to be in a better position in the future. Your guests ultimately want to see you and your spouse prosper in your new life together.”

Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

At first hiring a planner like Designer Weddings may seem like it would be an added expense but they will actually save you time and money in the long run. Planners are about developing a relationships, knowing their vendors, negotiating contracts and keeping you in budget. They will deal with last minute issues so that your day can be as perfect as possible.

Serve Hors D’oeuvres During Your Reception

You should serve your guests something at your reception, but that doesn’t mean you’re expected to serve an elaborate five course meal. Often times, these meals tend to drag on or consist of food many aren’t too fond about. Instead, add a little pizzazz to your reception and include a variety of hors d’oeuvres that are perfect for a wedding.Or why not try food stations for a new exciting twist.

Book a Band or DJ for the Whole Evening

In most cases, a DJ is the more affordable option for wedding reception entertainment—although there are pros and cons to both! What you might also want to consider, is if either would be keen on working the reception, as well as the ceremony. As an added bonus, many DJs and band members double as an emcee to help the flow of the wedding!

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